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Product Details Price: Starting $185

Standing sprays are a large physical symbol of sympathy and remembrance; and are one of the best ways for close friends and family to show their condolences. Standing sprays are generally not sent to the home, but delivered during the time of funeral services. We offer a wide range of colors, and we help add a personal touch to make your kind gesture memorable. Includes stand, floral arrangement and delivery. Approximately 30” – 36” wide.

Important Notice:

In some instances; the photos listed on this website may represent an overall theme or look and may include a one-of-a-kind vase which cannot be exactly replicated. Although the actual arrangement may not precisely match the photo; its temperament will. Occasionally; substitutions of flowers or containers happen due to weather; seasonality and market conditions which may affect availability.

If this is the case we will ensure that the style; theme and color scheme of your arrangement is preserved to value. All prices listed are represented at the time of posting; due to market variations and season availability; prices may change.
We work well with your budget in mind. See a style; theme or color scheme that you like; but not the price? We can scale all of our designs to fit your budget needs.”